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Apprentice Carpenter

Do you want to become a carpenter? If so, then you should know that it's important for you to complete an apprenticeship in carpentry. Entry requirements may vary, although employers typically require applicants for apprentice carpenter positions to undergo training. As an apprentice carpenter, you will work under the supervision of a carpenter and will aid in constructing, installing, finishing and repairing metal and wooden structures on both commercial and residential buildings. When you become an apprentice carpenter, you'll gain experience that will be valuable when you become a carpenter. With further training, you may even find yourself qualified for other related but higher level job positions such as building inspector, estimator, building contract administrator, purchasing officer, technical teacher and building supervisor.

Tasks and responsibilities of an apprentice carpenter

When you become an apprentice carpenter, you will be doing various tasks such as constructing formwork into which concrete is poured, cutting materials using power and hand tools and assembling, nailing and cutting parts. It will also be your duty as an apprentice carpenter to maintain tools, sharpen them and make sure that these tools are stored properly. As an apprentice carpenter, you may also have to install various fixtures in buildings such as door handles, flooring underlay, locks, insulating material and locks. Installing timber and metal windows and doors are also among the tasks that you may have to do as an apprentice carpenter.

Skills needed to become a successful apprentice carpenter

To become a successful apprentice carpenter, you should be physically fit and be able to enjoy doing practical and manual work. It's important that you know how to work with your hands and that you are able to work at heights. Having good eyesight and being physically fit is also important for you to become successful at your job as an apprentice carpenter. You should also have good interpersonal and communication skills because apprentice carpenter jobs will require you to work with different kinds of people. You should know how to work independently as well as with a team. Aside from these, it's also essential for you as an apprentice carpenter to know how to follow instructions accurately.

Working conditions in apprentice carpenter jobs

As an apprentice carpenter, you will most likely work outdoors and at high places. You will be assisting in building sites and may have to provide assistance to carpenters who are working on large structures such as power stations, bridges, civil engineering projects and dams. Apprentice carpenter jobs require standing, walking, handling materials and equipment and doing some lifting.